Numbers are limited so don’t wait to sign up.

Covid requirements in order to participate






When leaving transition to head to the swim portion of your event you will continue wearing your mask.  They’ll be a garbage can at the timing pad for you to throw it away before entering the water.  When you exit the water there will be masks for you to put on before entering transition. As you exit transition on your bike there will be a garbage can to throw away your mask.  Again, as you enter the transition at the end of your ride you will be given a mask. At the end of transition heading for your run you may throw it away in the garbage.  At the finish line you will be handed a mask to wear and to be worn if headed into transition. If you choose to not wear a mask you will be disqualified. We’re all in this together and so thankful to have a triathlon and run to participate in. If you’ve received your vaccination a mask is still required.




The swim will now be a rolling start by your swim time.  Olympic participants will go first and then Sprint.




There will not be any water or food support due to Covid Regulations.  You can have friends or family members give you nutrition along the route if needed.




There will not be any water or food support due to Covid Regulations.  You can have friends or family members give you nutrition along the route if needed.




Unfortunately, due to Covid it will be canceled, there are a lot of logistics in this portion of the event and I’d like to keep the children safe. Look for it in 2022!

Packet pick up (PHOTO ID REQUIRED)

Location: Northwest Tri and Bike  

Saturday May 29 11-3  Sunday May 30 12-4

June 1-3rd 3:30-6pm, June 4 2-7PM

There will not be packet pick up day of event

You cannot pick up another participants packet

June 5th, 2021

Lake Wilderness Park

22500 SE 248th St Maple Valley

Act quick to reserve your spot!

Rate increases by $5.00 on May 2nd and May 16th.

No refunds

Come swim, bike and run your way to new friends and a healthier you!

If you don't like swimming, come join us for a duathlon or make up your own relay team.

Triathlons not for you, but you'd still like to participate. Sign up for any of our running events and come join the fun!

The event in 2020 was unfortunately cancelled, but due to your generosity we were able to give backpack buddies $4550 to help provide food for children in need. However, due to the nonprofits nature of this event and the purchasing the hats and metals ahead of last years event but being unable to hold it, we will be using last years hats and metals this year. We thought it was best to help others and use last years hats and medals as a final send off for 2020. We will happily provide Sharpies to everyone if you would like to change the date to this year. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope you understand.

Sprint Tri



Sprint Tri





Janice Zander

Lake Wilderness Triathlon LLC has the right to refuse any participant