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It's a deep water start. Bender our race announcer,  will help you get to the right place at the right time. Be sure you're in your wetsuit (if you're wearing one) and ready to leave shore 15 minutes before your wave starts. Both full or sleeveless wetsuits are allowed but not required. Water temperature is in the low to mid 60's in June. Warm up to the right of the start area. The course is clockwise around the large colored buoys. 



The bike course is OPEN to traffic. Police Officers & volunteers will be stationed at intersections where bikes will be crossing traffic. The shoulders on most of the roads are wide. Obey all rules of the road when riding your bike-including staying as far to the right as possible.

Please bring a bike to the race that is ready to go. There will be race support on the bike course to help you if you run into trouble. Make sure you are prepared to fix a flat or put a chain back on. If we can't get you up and going again, we'll give you a lift back to transition.



The course is 50% paved and 50% trail. The course has a few hills throughout the race. 

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